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Ace Your Next Heart Checkup with the Most Complete Cardiovascular Supplement Ever!


When it comes to heart health, you try to eat well and get some physical activity. But are you seeing the results you hoped for?

It’s true—you may be eating the world’s best organic diet, exercising 7 days a week, and STILL not giving your heart what it truly needs. So, what is the missing piece?

To Fuel Your Heart, You Need Powerful Nutrients

Plenty of research shows nutritional supplements can help improve heart health, at least in clinical laboratories. But when it comes to real-life results, many heart supplements don’t get the job done.

If you’ve tried them, you know. You shell out a lot of money and swallow a ton of pills, yet you still don’t get the results you hoped for. You don’t feel any better. And your doctor isn’t impressed.

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What If You Could Take Just ONE Supplement & Get Better Results?

It took integrative cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra to develop the first truly complete heart health supplement.

It brings together the top nutrients he discovered in his 40 years as an integrative cardiologist. All are highly bioavailable forms of clean nutrients from the world’s most reputable sources, so you get the best results and value from every dose.


Introducing Omega Q Plus® MAX—It’s Revolutionizing Heart Health

Just 2 Softgels a Day Support Your Heart from ALL Angles
See the difference at your next heart checkup.

  • Blood pressure and blood flow*
  • C-reactive protein (CRP)—a critical inflammatory marker
  • Cholesterol*
  • Triglycerides*
  • Inflammatory response
  • Homocysteine levels*
  • Blood lipid levels*
  • Insulin sensitivity*
  • Blood sugar levels*

*Healthy support for levels already within the normal range.

Helps Fuel Your Cells with Energy
Feel a surge of vitality—one you haven’t experienced in years!

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Promotes Healthy, Vibrant Aging
Supports your eyes, brain and cognitive health, and skin health—helping you to age well.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
1,400 + 5-Star Reviews on Amazon and GNC!

It Sounds Unbelievable That One Little Pill Could Be So Comprehensive and Powerful!

But the results speak for themselves. The effects of Dr. Sinatra's formula are so profound that customers report they're going to the doctor and having BETTER heart checkups now!


1Based on a June 2019 Consumer Survey of Omega Q Plus family product customers with 74 responses.

2Based on a June 2019 Consumer Survey of Omega Q Plus family product customers with 143 responses.

How Can ONE Formula Give You So Many Benefits?

The secret is in scientifically validated, clinically studied nutrients—combined in the right forms and amounts.


Hydro Q-Sorb® CoQ10 100 mg
3X better absorbed than powdered CoQ10 & 7X better absorbed by your cells

CoQ10 “sparks” cellular energy production, including in your hardworking heart. Yet, CoQ10 is tough for your body to absorb. That’s why Dr. Sinatra selected Hydro Q-Sorb. Using a special process, it “wraps” each CoQ10 molecule in a water-loving substance that shuttles the CoQ10 through your cellular membranes and into your cells—fueling energy!


CalaMarine® Omega-3s 1,250 mg
Naturally higher in DHA, with no fishy burps!

With his patients, Dr. Sinatra discovered that CoQ10 works much better when paired with omega-3s. The best source he found is CalaMarine, which comes from tiny calamari squid caught in the pristine deep ocean waters of South America. It’s naturally richer in DHA omega-3s than ordinary fish oil, which is important for your heart, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Plus, it’s clean tasting—with ZERO fishy burps!†

July 2015 Qualtrics Consumer Survey of CalaMarine product users with 118 responses.


Trans-Resveratrol 30 mg
Cardiologist approved for healthy blood flow

This powerful antioxidant found in the skin of grapes is what gives red wine its heart-healthy reputation—but you’d have to drink gallons of wine to get the heart benefits. Trans-resveratrol is a powerful, concentrated source of this vital antioxidant. It fights off free-radical damage to your cells and has been shown to support healthy blood flow. World-renowned cardiologist Dr. Sinatra swore by it!


HydroCurc® Turmeric Extract 125 mg
320% more bioavailable than standard curcumin

The bright yellow spice turmeric is known for its inflammatory-balancing powers, which is important for heart health. Yet, it’s a tough nutrient for your body to absorb. Using special proprietary technology, HydroCurc protects and enhances the absorption of its curcuminoids—the active ingredients in turmeric. Plus, it supports a healthy inflammatory response.


"Secret Weapon" Crominex® 3+ 400 mcg
Overlooked mineral tackles your most important heart markers


The newest addition to Dr. Sinatra’s MAX formula is a special form of chromium called Crominex 3+. In not just one but several placebo-controlled clinical studies, 400 mcg of Crominex 3+ provided measurable support for ALL these key heart markers…

  • • C-reactive protein (CRP)—a critical inflammatory marker (this is SO important!)
  • • Healthy triglycerides*
  • • HDL cholesterol*
  • • LDL cholesterol*
  • • Improved endothelial function for healthy blood flow
  • • Increased nitric oxide production for blood vessel health

* Healthy support for levels already within the normal range.

Plus, it helps to support healthy glutathione levels (your body’s master antioxidant). And it helps your body to process blood sugar for healthy glycemic control—a critical and often overlooked factor in cardiovascular health.


Powerful Foundation Nutrients
Support your heart, brain & more

L-carnitine works together with CoQ10 to give you powerful heart support. Plus, you get folate and B vitamins to support healthy blood vessels and homocysteine levels, which is critical for brain health and cognitive function.

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Get Ready to MAXimize Your Health

No more guesswork. Packed with 9 high-performing nutrients, Omega Q Plus MAX supports your heart from ALL angles.

See the difference at your next cardio checkup

Impress your doctor by addressing all your major markers of heart health—with healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine levels, and more.

Feel the surge in vitality

Omega Q Plus MAX helps to fuel your cells with energy for a boost of vitality that you haven’t experienced in years!

The Results Speak for Themselves

Just got results from doctor—good cholesterol was great. I have tons of energy to keep up with my active granddaughter. I just ordered 7 months.


—Bridget Z., SC

My cholesterol labs were great—best I’ve had in years.


—Tena M., NC

This product was recommended to me by my doctor. All the research I've performed has confirmed that I bought the right supplements.


—Michael H., NC

I have used and feel a huge difference in overall energy. I'm impressed with the product. I can tell a difference if I don’t take. I am grateful for the supplement.


—BillieJo H., WI

Cardio Quality Promise

Omega Q Plus MAX is formulated to meet stringent quality standards, with thoroughly screened raw materials, 100% batch testing, and independent verification of purity and potency.









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EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Try Omega Q Plus MAX At a Special Low Price—Risk Free!

We invite you to try Omega Q Plus MAX yourself risk free. We guarantee you will FEEL the difference and SEE the difference at your next cardio checkup. Plus, you’ll know you’re getting powerful support for your blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood flow, and CRP levels.

You’ll also know that you’re flooding your cells with vital energy. And you’ll feel confident that you’re doing something amazing for your heart, your brain, and even your eyes. You’ll KNOW all of this with 100% certainty or you’ll get every penny back—no questions asked!

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Omega Q Plus MAX is one of the few heart supplements that’s trusted by GNC to deliver real results. But what you won’t find at GNC are these exclusive discounts—you can only claim these low prices here!

Omega Q Plus MAX Is Doctor Formulated!

A true pioneer, Dr. Sinatra spent more than 40 years in clinical practice, including serving as an attending physician and chief of cardiology at Manchester Memorial Hospital, then going on to formulate his advanced line of heart health supplements. His integrative approach to heart health has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands.

Stephen Sinatra M.D.

Stephen Sinatra M.D.

Wouldn’t you like to SAVE OVER $885?

If you tried to put together all the ingredients in Omega Q Plus MAX on your own, you’d end up spending an extra $885.60 a year!

Ingredient Cost per month
CalaMarine Omega-3s $13.74
100mg Highly Absorbable CoQ10 $59.95
Trans-Resveratrol $7.34
Highly Bioavailable Turmeric $4.57
Crominex-3+ $6.30
L-Carnitine Fumarate $7.88
Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 $14.01
Total if bought separately $113.79
Cost of Omega Q Plus MAX Biggest Savings $39.99
Your monthly savings $73.80
Your Annual Savings $885.60
  • 9 potent nutrients to support your most critical heart markers
  • Support for your eyes, brain and cognitive health, and healthy skin—to help you age well
  • Everything you need in one complete formula
  • A savings of over $885 vs. putting these nutrients together on your own

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